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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: All children deserve an opportunity to succeed

It is often believed, especially in America, that all individuals have an equal opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Studies done by The National Longitudinal Study on Youth have proven that there are direct correlations between a child’s family’s income and their own cognitive development. When these children are already feeling behind their peers and there is an absence of support at home they tend to drop out before completing high school.  Without an education they are much more likely to end up in poverty themselves.

After-school programs, such as the ones put on by the Afterschool Alliance, give children living in poverty an opportunity to lessen the gap between themselves and their peers. In these programs children will receive help on their homework, a nutritious meal, and take part in other activities. They will also receive the moral support that they may be lacking at home. Ultimately, this could provide children with the tools and encouragement they need to graduate from high school, break out of poverty, and become a contributing member of society.

Visit to volunteer or donate to an afterschool program in your community. If there isn’t one already, you can contact the Afterschool Alliance at (866) KIDS-TODAY to find out how to get a program started for children living in poverty in your community.

Our children are the future of this nation and they all deserve an equal opportunity to succeed. These children lack basic needs at home but with these programs we have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on them and possibly change the course of their lives. If we have the ability to help just one child in this way, why wouldn’t we?

Andrea Friborg